Dog, Cat, and Horse Holders

Pet Breed Calendars & Notepads
Choose from 65 Dog breeds, 6 cat breeds and 4 horses!

My holders are made of birch and maple and have a handy pencil holder attached at the bottom to keep your pen or pencil where you need it.
The calendar pages are made from recycled paper and the daily squares are large and easy to write on.
Each month shows moon phases, holidays and the year at-a-glance.
They are hung from their rawhide lace.
My calendar holders are filled with 2019 and include an order form for 2020.
My notepad is filled with 100 sheets of notepaper and an order form for more paper.
Style A which comes in my large holder only, has the pet breed surrounded by leaves
and paw prints or horse shoes.
Style B shows the pet breed with the breed name printed next to it.
Please note: On Style B I can make the background color of the top anything you would like.
Also, instead of the breed name, I can print the pet's name or nothing.
I can even use pictures of your own pets (or anything) on my holders!
Just write me a note when you check out or give me a call at 1-866-560-6279.
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