Decorate it Yourself Holders

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DIY (Decorate It Yourself) Holders
Perhaps you want to decorate your own calendar or notepad or just have no design!!
My undecorated holders come in 2 sizes with your choice of top style and calendar or notepad.
You can buy just one or get a DISCOUNT on a set of 6!
They are made of birch & maple, have a handy pencil holder attached and are hung by a rawhide lace. My large holders measure 12" wide x 12" tall and my small holders measure 7" wide by 12" tall.
The easy to write on calendar pages show moon phases, holidays and the year at-a-glance.
My Large and Small calendar holders are filled with a 2024 calendar
and include an order form page for 2025.
My notepad is filled with 100 sheets of notepaper and comes with an order form for more paper.
Refills are available every year.
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